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Ed Jones graduated from Needham Broughton High School in Raleigh,NC and went to work immediately that summer for a direct selling organization. Through the end of that year Ed trained under two professional direct selling organizations to learn how to effectively canvass, knocking on cold doors. One group was based in Pittsburg, PA and the other in Greensboro, NC.

Beginning the next year Jones entered NC State College in Civil Engineering, construction option, and during most of this time and for four years ran a general remodeling business, Jones Contracting Co., Inc.

A competitor approached Ed about the end of that four year stint about buying his specialty remodeling company as he and his wife wanted to move back to Atlanta.  They got together and Jones ran that business for a total of 50 years along with his wife, Carol, the last 25 years.  They traded as Eastern Surfa-Shield & Facelifters beginning in 1967 when they affiliated with the national Surfa-Shield Corp.

In February 2008, they sold the trading business Eastern Surfa-Shield and Facelifters  but still own the underlying corporation, Eastern Roofing & Aluminum Co.  This Eastern now does a small amount of contracting for friends and referrals and a few old customers.  The company primarily owns valuable real estate investment property.

In 1962 the Dale Carnegie instructor encouraged Ed to take the Carnegie Sales Course, which he did.  There they awarded him the Sales Championship Contest Award and the Goal in Life Top Award.  This was exciting because, as a fairly young person, Ed was in the company of many seasoned and veteran salesmen.

In the late 1970’s, an associate and Jones began doing whole house property inspections for clients buying homes.  He still does some specific inspections for US Inspect in Fairfax, VA

Beginning about 1972 or 1973, Ed became Chairman of the Incentive and Awards Committee for the Surfa-Shield Corp.  It was his responsibility to receive nominations from the various office managers for awards for Salesman, Marketing Director, and Manager of the Year, along with several others.  Beginning in 1979, Ed's role included serving as Master of Ceremonies for their awards banquet at the conclusion of the annual meetings. He served in this capacity until 1994.

 In 1983, Ed joined the Board of Directors of Surfa-Shield Corp. and stayed on the Board until 1994.  Their meetings were held in various locations in this hemisphere and several countries in Europe.

In 1994, a few of the Surfa-Shield Corporation board members resigned from the corporation board because of substantial difference with top management. This group had a substantial investment in the corporation but was still in a minority position. These former board members formed a new company for specialty contractors called Contractors Network of America LLC.  They held training meetings and programs for contractors in various cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Kansas City, MO and Nashville, TN.  It was Ed's responsibility to serve as Chairman of this group until it disbanded in 2009.

In these various roles as committee chairman, board member and board chairman, it has been necessary for Ed to lead discussions and evaluate nominees, financial reports and proposals, managers and various personnel and exercise leadership criteria.

In addition, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Assoc. and Shop Local Raleigh since 1991 serving as president for two years. Ed has been active along with John Odom and several others in developing and steering the activities of this association.

In the 1980’s Jones served on the Board of Junior Achievement of Eastern NC and taught some classes in the Junior Achievement Center and in the public schools. 

From 1967 until it disbanded more than 30 years later, Ed was involved with Raleigh Sales & Marketing Executives Assoc., serving as membership chairman for a while and on the Board for several terms.

In 1991 Ed and his wife Carol,  along with several other families, started the Wake County Taxpayers Association (WCTA.org) to fight for reasonable taxation and against wasteful government spending and over regulation.  Jones has been on that Board of Directors and Vice President since.

Over the many years in business, it has been his good fortune to receive several additional accolades and awards for committee and service and leadership.


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