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Credo for Success



1)     The Customer/Client is the Boss. Every successful business exists to serve its customers well – to the fullest extent of its abilities.  Without customer’s income/sales nothing else matters

 2)     Service – Most anyone can sell and deliver a quality product.  It is superior attention to service that makes the difference.  Many promise – few deliver.  It takes time, attention to detail and dedication.

 3)     Are you an Amateur or Professional ?  Amateurs are fine – in sports.  In business, it is the Pro that most often gains the best rewards and the most satisfaction from his efforts.  To be a professional, you must have knowledge, present yourself with decorum, act professionally and look like a pro in your grooming and dress.  Remember – no one gets a second chance to make a good First  impression

4)        This should go without saying, but in today’s society it is not prevalent.  Always, always treat every person you meet with courtesy and respect – at the very least until they prove that they do not deserve such good treatment.  It is just the right thing to do.

 5)         Communicate – promptly and frequently as required.  Today, unfortunately, too many people depend on answering machines and other electronic devices to take messages.  With many businesses and government offices, you just cannot talk with a person – and you may very well not get a return call.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned personal conversations and face to face meetings?  Remember the saying – If I wanted to talk with you tomorrow, I would have called you tomorrow.  I called you today with a need to talk with you now.



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